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Key features


Experience learning foreign languages ​​through daily activities

You can look up any vocabulary while surfing the Web, reading Ebooks, watching videos on Youtube. WordsMine provides more than 500,000 bilingual words to help you quickly understand the passage, know how to use the vocabulary in the current context. In addition, you don't need to take notes in your notebook, WordsMine allows you to save custom definitions created by yourself for later review.

Experience learning foreign languages ​​through daily activities

Practice vocabulary mastery and learn anytime, anywhere

Vocabulary is the foundation of all other skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. At WordsMine, you can actively create a list of vocabulary to learn according to the topic according to the topic that you choose, the skill that you need to practice, then WordsMine will design the lesson according to your liking. WordsMine has many learning techniques such as fill in the blanks, guess the word at the picture, build sentences, review based on the content you have saved, ... And yet, WordsMine also has games to help you solve the problem and train your mind. Better yet, you can also invite your friends to join these activities to progress together.

Practice vocabulary mastery and learn anytime, anywhere

Expand vocabulary and put them in long-term memory

WordsMine predicts when you might forget words. WordsMine will create periodic review lists, according to golden time or learning goals so that you can revise according to your individual needs. Personalized learning data will be sent to each person individually with the following specialized analytics to help you intelligently track your progress. WordsMine uses scientifically researched techniques such as flashcards, interval learning and other methods to help practice memory. Now you don't need to worry about forgetting or needing to review anything anymore, WordsMine takes care of it.

Expand vocabulary and put them in long-term memory

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WordsMine Premium

Save unlimited words while surfing the Web, Youtube, PDF documents
Set your vocabulary learning goals
Smart reminders via email, SMS, etc
Save and learn words through word lists exported from images
Study effectively with Memorization Techniques
Export data to EverNote and Notion
Building up Vocabulary collection with your friends
Viewing the in-depth performance statistic of your learning progress
Customize theme color
Review saved words via vocabulary through a variety of Learning tools and games
Group study via Collaborative Folder
Early access to more advanced features
Learn words through many tests of Learning Tools and games
Message with friends via chat dialog
Connect with other learners to improve your skills

WordsMine - Smart and Comprehensive solution for vocabulary learning

WordsMine helps you build foreign language vocabulary while surfing the web, reading e-books, and watching movies using smart technology that focuses on contextual learning, vocabulary acquisition, and long-term memory enhancement.

WordsMine - Top 2 Graduated Startup Projects of the Topica Founder Institute

Accompanying the startup incubation program "Tech Startups and Blockchain Startups" of TFI, WordsMine Project is honored to be one of the 9 TFI graduate companies. Founder Institute is a startup program from Silicon Valley, present in more than 180 cities and 65 countries, has incubated many successful startups like Udemy.
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  • WordsMine helps save more than 55,000 words

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